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Book: THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA The book THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA contains hundreds of photos and original descriptions of all species related to Lophophora williamsii. The book includes fascinating photos that show these wonderful plants in habitat or in collections from all over the world and helps you to identify them on sight. Release Date: The work for this …

First photos of my SAN PEDRO book!

First photos of my SAN PEDRO book! Hey guys, the first samples of the SAN PEDRO book are here. It looks gorgeous and I wanted to share some of the pics with you. Please note that this is a huge book. The measurements are 221 x 303 mm, so it´s even a little bit bigger …

Crowdfunding Mission Successfully Completed!

Crowdfunding Mission Successfully Completed! Hi Guys, last week we successfully complete our Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign to fund the printing costs of my book TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP. The book will offer a complete overview of the Trichocereus species related to the San Pedro cactus and has hundreds of habitat photos and background information in …

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