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Cactus Flower Video (Wörlitz x Consolation) x Trichocereus Paul Ehrlich Echinopsis

Wörlitz x Consolation is a multihybrid involving the legendary Wörlitz and the Schick hybrid Consolation. It follows the body of the Echinopsis and the flower almost looks like a rose or a Magnolia flower. Very beautiful and special plant. 

The father is the Trichocereus hybrid Paul Ehrlich. This gorgeous Gräser follow-up hybrid has an almost magical flower, with a reddish purple glow that I´ve rarely seen in my time as a hybrid breeder. It is ruffled, flowers early on and reliably. This is rather uncommon for Gräser hybrids, so this is a special treat.

So this cross combines Lobivia (Wörlitz is a multihybrid already), Trichocereus and Echinopsis. The outcome is completely unpredictable.  

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