Cactus Seeds KA.2007.40.11 x Paul Ehrlich Ruffled Gräser


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Nice cross between an Uwe Kahle hybrid from 2007 with the label KA.2007.40.11 and the legendary and amazing hybrid PAUL EHRLICH. Super nice ruffled flowers meet a wonderful and gracile flower with a purple eye. The mother is one of the most favorite hybrids of my wife and it might make a great mix with a ruffled father!

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per customer, super tiny fruit).

Mother: KA.2007.40.11

Trichocereus Sarahs Hybrid KA 2

Trichocereus Sarahs Hybrid KA 3

Father: Paul Ehrlich

Trichocereus Paul Ehrlich

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