Cactus Seeds ((Rosa California x E.kermesina) x Fugu ) x Allergold


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Amazing cross. The mother turned out to be one of my best parents this season. It is a Uwe Kahle Hybrid from the cross (Rosa California x Echinopsis kermesina) x Fugu KA.2006.181.02. The father is another one of my very best hybrids from a cross between Flying Saucer and Cantora Gelb. Flowers are WAY over 20 cm in diameter. One of the biggest flowers I have ever seen.

20 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) PNO.2021.0028

Mother: KA.2006.181.02 (Rosa California x Echinopsis kermesina) x Fugu

Trichocereus 4x Hybride Rosa California x kermesina x Fugu Ka.2006.181.02 d 20200604 093657

Father: Flying Saucer x Cantora Gelb Hybrid ALLERGOLD

Trichocereus Allergold 22

Trichocereus Allergold 20200619 210553

Trichocereus Allergold 20200618 125131

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