Cactus Seeds T.strigonus / huascha Intermediate x Wörlitz



Legendary cross. The mother is a highly unusual Trichocereus that´s a natural hybrid between Trichocereus strigonus/strigosus and Trichocereus huascha. The overall body is in between Huascha and Strigosus, but the flower is unlike normal flowers of Trichocereus huascha. Long needle-like spines and large yellow flowers. The father is the masterpiece hybrid WÖRLITZ, which is a fantastic father for yellow flowers like this one. The cross is highly promising because it´s a cross that might result in a different body type than all the Cantora hybrids, but with a Wörlitz kinda flower. Thought long about putting these into the shop and am only doing it because I want them to be grown. Please repay the favor by sharing some pics of what you´ll grow.

PNO.2021.0018 – Limited to one bag per customer – 15 Seeds – 4 Euro 

Mother: Natural Hybrid between Strigonus and Trichocereus huascha

Trichocereus Trichocereus strigonus Huascha intermediate 2Trichocereus Trichocereus strigonus Huascha intermediate 3Trichocereus Trichocereus strigonus Huascha intermediate


Trichocereus Worlitz a Trichocereus Worlitz

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