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Category: Trichocereus Clones O-S

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Trichocereus ‘Rod’ (Echinopsis)

The Australian SAB Clone ROD is a rather rare Ecuadorian Echinopsis pachanoi. This plant comes from the type locality of the species in Ecuador. You can recognize Ecuadorian Pachs by the color epidermis and the unique areole shape. In addition, they sometimes have longer spines than the Peruvian …

ROSEI 1 (Trichocereus peruvianus) Fields

Both Rosei 1 and Rosei 2 are among the most popular clones in the Trichocereus community. Just like so many great plants, they originated from the Fields collection in Victoria. The name was used in very old cactus literature to label a certain, very blue types of Trichocereus peruvianus …