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Tom Juul´s Giant / TJG (Trichocereus)

Tom Juul´s Giant / TJG (Trichocereus pachanoi) The well known clone TOM JUUL´S GIANT / TJG goes back to the former butcher Tom Juul´s, who imported this plant into the United states. Photo: Tom Juul had a giant plant in his garden and after his death, cuttings of this plant were distributed by Sacred Succulents …

TBM – Trichocereus bridgesii Clone A + Clone B / Penis Plant aka Penis Cactus

TBM – Trichocereus bridgesii Clone A + Clone B / Penis Plant aka Penis Cactus The so-called TBM (short for Trichocereus bridgesii monstrosa) is a Trichocereus clone that produces some very typical spineless growth that gave it its name “Penis Plant”.  It forms small & penis-like pups that look like green sausages (or a really …

Trichocereus ‘Yowie’ (Echinopsis)

Trichocereus ‘Yowie’ (Echinopsis) Yowie is an Australian Trichocereus clone that came from the Fields collected. It probably came to Australia during one of the first expeditions by Harry Blossfeld, who funded his trips by selling plants to cactus collectors. Yowie is a very cool and popular Trichocereus with a unique spination that consists of two parallel …

Trichocereus ‘Zeus’ (Echinopsis)

Trichocereus ‘Zeus’ (Echinopsis) Parents: unknown. Zeus looks very much like an Ecuadorian Trichocereus. Origin of the Plant: The ZEUS clone is a rare clone that spread throughout the collections thanks to SAB members like Aplantis and Misplant. It´s originally from Egypt and was brought into circulation by SAB member Philocacti. Philocacti found the clone 14 …

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