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Various populations of Echinopsis santaensis in Peru Trichocereus

Various populations of Echinopsis santaensis in Peru Trichocereus

Trichocereus santaensis, also known as Echinopsis santaensis, is a rare Trichocereus species from the Santa Valley in Peru. It was described by Backeberg and Rauh, and its status is currently not really clear. There should be some DNA testing to investigate whether or not it deserves to be treated as a correct species and the issue is a complicated one. T. santaensis has many different regional forms, some of which get very close to other Peruvian species. Sometimes, plants have traits of more than one species and without DNA testing, it is hard to distinguish them reliably. 

On this page I want to show some of the unique and beautiful populations of Echinopsis santaensis in Peru.

Some forms of Echinopsis santaensis are very close to other Peruvian species, while there certainly are very unique populations that might actually be a separate and correct species. For example, the forms from Ichoca, Chanca or Huata are the ones that we want to see tested via DNA testing. 

Trichocereus santaensis photos




Trichocereus sp. "Cochao" Seeds Samen Echinopsis

Trichocereus sp. "Cochao" Seeds Samen Echinopsis Trichocereus sp. "Cochao" Seeds Samen Echinopsis


Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Huantar

T. santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Lucma


Tr. santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Pumacayan


Trichocereus pachanoi Pumacayan Seeds Samen

Trichocereus / Echinopsis santaensis Pomachanka

Pomachanka Trichocereus pachanoi


Tr. santaensis / E. santaensis San Marcos

Trichocereus sp. San Marcos seeds Ancash

Trichocereus / Echinopsis santaensis Mal Paso


santaensis-mal-paso-4 Trichocereus santaensis Mal Paso Samen Seeds santaensis-mal-paso


T. santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis ANRA

santaensis-anra-2 Trichocereus santaensis Anra Seeds Samen santaensis-anra

Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Wuallac

Trichocereus santaensis Wuallac






Trichocereus santaensis Mancos




Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Chancha

santaensis-chancha-4 santaensis-chancha-5

Trichocereus santaensis with the Santa valley in the background

santaensis-chancha-6 santaensis-chancha-7
santaensis-chanca santaensis-chancha-2 santaensis-chancha-3Trichocereus santaensis Chanca

Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Huata

Trichocereus santaensis Huata seeds

Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Huari Maio/Mayo







Trichocereus santaensis / Echinopsis santaensis Huari

Trichocereus Huari Seeds Chavin


Chavin de Huantar

Trichocereus Chavin de Huantar seeds

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