Espostoa nana seeds SANTA VALLEY


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Espostoa nana seeds SANTA VALLEY

I have these extremely fresh and viable Espostoa nana seeds from Peru. The viability is great and tested and this is a really rare cactus for your collection.

Espostoa nana seeds

30 seeds – 3,00 Euro

100 seeds – 8,50 Euro (just add 3 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

500 seeds – 38,00 Euro (just add 16 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

1000 seeds – 68,00 Euro (just add 33 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)

Those Espostoa nana seeds are ultra fresh and very viable. They are nursery-produced seeds from Peru and were not removed from nature!

The species Espostoa nana was originally described by Friedrich Ritter. The type locality of this species is in Ancash in Peru and this plant is endemic to the legendary Santa Valley in South Peru. The plants reach a size of 1 – 1.5 meters and 15 – 22 ribs. It is very similar to Espostoa melanostele and it´s very hard to keep them apart. It definitely is a very rare and fine cactus that will look impressive in your collection. Get those Espostoa nana seeds as long as I have them. There only are 1000s in stock and I plan to sell them as long as they are as viable as they are now!

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Photo Credit: Stan Shebs

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