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HB01 (Trichocereus puquiensis)

Trichocereus HB01 is a clone that originally comes from the Australian Shop HERBALISTICS. The plant was sourced from a garden in the Australian city Gatton in Queensland. The clone is usually short spined, but can get more spiny at a larger size.

It looks like a Trichocereus peruvianus with an very high rib count, or one of Friedrich Ritter´s Trichocereus puquiensis. It is very similar to Ritter´s old description. It tends to have a higher number of ribs than standard T.pachanoi or T.peruvianus. Tr. puquiensis was described with having 8 – 10 ribs and the pics that I got from the SAB member LHB2444 definitely fit the description. But yeah, not sure since this clone has very little background info attached to it. I´ve seen some cuttings of this clone develop some kind of skin discoloration and it´s possible there´s either a genetic or pathological reason for this. We´ll stay on the case to find out more.

Photos of Herbalistic´s Trichocereus HB01

t peru HB01
t peru HB01 1

The photos below (Zed240) show a plant that was labeled HB01 but looks a little bit different and has substantially longer spines as the one in the first two pics. That being said, there is a great variability within all the Trichocereus species, so I would not be surprised if that difference in spine length is caused by environmental factors. There also are 5 – 6 ribbed plants from Puquio and this second plant might be one of them. But no matter if the HB01 clone is actually a Trichocereus puquiensis or a Trichocereus peruvianus, it definitely as an amazing plant that will look awesome in your collection. You can find the description and photos of Tr. puquiensis here!

Trichocereus Peruvianus_HB01 Zed__006

Photos: Zed240

Trichocereus Peruvianus_HB01 Zed__008
Trichocereus Peruvianus_HB01 Zed__007
Trichocereus Peruvianus_HB01 Zed__005

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