Category: Karel Knize Trichocereus Field Guide

KK339 Trichocereus pachanoi

KK339 Trichocereus pachanoi KK339 Trichocereus pachanoi is an Ecuadorian San Pedro! This wonderful plant is one of the most interesting plants distributed by the Peruvian wholesaler Karel Knize. The species is pretty much the archetype of an Ecuadorian Pachanoi. This type is extremely typical for what we know from Ecuador. The plants can be bright …

KK1421 Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas cv. Rio Tambo

KK1421 Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas cv. Rio Tambo This plant is fairly interesting though it has absolutely nothing in common to the plant that was originally described as the species Cereus cephalomacrostibas. Knize collected this nice type near the Rio Tambo and apart from the pics, I lack any other information. They almost look like a spiny Tr. pachanoi and it …

Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas KK1421

Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas KK1421 Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas is an old questionable name that originated from Backeberg. In Backeberg´s and Werdermann´s book NEUE KAKTEEN (NEW CACTI) he published a small description of a plant called Cereus cephalomacrostibas. Back then, almost all columnar-cacti were put in the genus Cereus and the name was later changed to Trichocereus cephalomacrostibas. Do …

Trichocereus Longispina KK1670

Trichocereus Longispina KK1670 This Clone was distributed by Karel Knize and the Plant on the Pictures was provided by our Friend Trout from! The Cutting was obtained in 2000. Another Seed grown KK1670 was distributed by Shaman Australis but doesn´t seem to be available at this Time. Knize gives as Place of Origin: Trichocereus Longispinus …

Trichocereus Carmaguensis KK1414

 Trichocereus Carmaguensis KK1414 Synonyms: Echinopsis Camarguensis This is a very typical Trichocereus Camarguensis from Karel Knize. He assigned the collection number KK1414 for a collection site in Camargo, Bolivia, where this plant originally comes from. I don´t know how much variation is within this local population but from the looks of it, I´d say it´s …

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