Chavin Echinopsis santaensis Collection Trichocereus Buy 8 strains





Chavin Echinopsis santaensis Collection Trichocereus Buy 8 strains

Buy the Chavin de Huantar Pack & the Santa Valley collection in this amazing collection. This collection includes 8 different Trichocereus strains from the Santa Valley, all associated with Echinopsis santaensis. The latter is a very rare and poorly understood species that needs DNA testing to clearly define where it belongs.

In this pack you get a 3.50 Euro discount.
All seeds are fresh from the current harvest and are wildly limited. I do not expect them to be available on a long term basis and I can only recommend everyone to get them while they are here and fresh. In the last 20 years I´ve rarely come across such a quality seeds as these and I proudly recommend getting them.

In this pack there are 30 seeds each of the following Trichocereus strains. That makes 240 premium quality seeds that will kick start your collection to a new level.

All eight packs cost 24.50 Euro + 3.50 Euro shipping costs. You save 3.50 Euro.

Trichocereus sp. Chavin de Huantar

Trichocereus sp. Huantar

Trichocereus sp. Huari

Trichocereus sp. Huari Mayo

Trichocereus sp. San Marcos

Trichocereus sp. (Santaensis)

Trichocereus sp. Chancha

Trichocereus sp. Wuallac