Matucana Collection – Get 7 different Macrogona strains





Matucana Collection – Get 7 different Macrogona strains

Buy the whole Matucana collection and get one bag for free. This collection includes 7 different strains related to Trichocereus macrogonus ( aka Peruvianus). All seeds are fresh from the current harvest and are wildly limited. I do not expect them to be available on a long term basis and I can only recommend everyone to get them while they are here and fresh. In the last 20 years I´ve rarely come across such quality seeds as these and I proudly recommend getting them.

In this pack there are 30 seeds each of the following Trichocereus strains. That makes 210 premium quality seeds that will kick start your collection to a new level.

Echinopsis macrogona – Collana Roja (Red spines. Incredibly beautiful plants)

Echinopsis macrogona – Huari Quina

Echinopsis macrogona -Sucro

Echinopsis macrogona – Pomolargo

Echinopsis macrogona -Collana Pichu

Plus 30 seeds each of these three Trichocereus/Echinopsis strains

Echinopsis macrogona – Cieneguilas

Echinopsis macrogona – Icaro DNA Matucana


All seven packs cost 24,50 Euro + 3.50 Euro shipping costs.