Trichocereus Argentina Mega Seed Collection 12 Strains



Trichocereus Argentina Mega Seed Collection 12 Strains

This Trichocereus Mega Seed Collection bundles 12 different Argentinian Trichocereus species. If you want to widen the scope and get a wide variety of Trichocereus species going this is the pack to go. All of these are excellent quality seeds and will grow into stunning plants.

In this pack you get:

  • Trichocereus huascha (standard form)
  • Trichocereus candicans (three strains from three different plants)
  • Trichocereus spachianus 
  • Trichocereus randalli
  • Trichocereus pasacana
  • Trichocereus atacamensis
  • Trichocereus huascha from La Rioja (known for its variability and hybrids from there)
  • Trichocereus gladiatus (a relative of Trichocereus candicans)
  • Trichocereus thelegonoides (extremely rare species with huge flowers)
  • Trichocereus tarijensis ssp. poco’

Photo: Stickpen


Photo: Dick Culbert

The photos are examples, not the mother plants.

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