Trichocereus Camarguensis KK1414





Trichocereus Camarguensis KK1414 – 30 seeds


This is an extremely rare type of seeds and I am happen to offer them here on the website. It comes from the location where KK1414 Trichocereus Carmarguensis, bit has a great germination rate. Most Carmarguensis seed on the market is overaged and unviable, but  this one isn´t. This is fresh seed from 2015 and I probably won´t get any more of them in the near future and I´d recommend everyone interested to get some now because I only have very limited stock of a few hundred seeds and when it´s out it´s out.

If you want to find out more about Trichocereus Camarguensis, check out this page:

Trichocereus Carmarguensis is a very cool creeping Trichocereus with a beautiful and unique flower that makes it ideal for hybrid cultivation. It´s also a perfect grafting stock, though they are really too pretty to use them for that.

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

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