Echinopsis santaensis Wuallac Seeds Samen Trichocereus



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Echinopsis santaensis Wuallac Seeds Samen Trichocereus Samen

Those Echinopsis santaensis / Trichocereus santaensis Wuallac seeds are excellent and very viable! Get them while they are here because the stock is getting low.

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro (One Bag Per Customer)


Trichocereus santaensis Wuallac



This strain is a very interesting form of Trichocereus santaensis from Wuallac in Peru. The Trichocereus santaensis Wuallac seeds are excellent quality and very viable.  The plants are dark gray (unlike the brighter green color of some other Trichos from Peru) and produce a very typical skin coloration for T. santaensis. They are usually very short spined, but can also produce stronger spines early on. Large plants tend to be have fewer spines. Those seeds are harvested from plants grown by private growers and not wild harvest.

Deutsch: Trichocereus santaensis Samen vom Standort Wuallac in Peru. Gezüchtet von Privatzüchtern und nicht aus Wildsammlung. Es handelt sich bei der Art um eine wunderbare Spezies mit einzigartigen Säulen, die von Rauh & Backeberg entdeckt wurde und seitdem fast unmöglich zu bekommen war. Die Samen sind extrem keimfähig!

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