Trichocereus scopulicola Seeds Samen – BACK IN STOCK



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Trichocereus scopulicola Seeds Samen (Genuine)

Fresh Trichocereus scopulicola seeds from the recent harvest. Back in stock again after being sold out.

Trichocereus scopulicola Seeds Samen Echinopsis

Photo: Prier

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

No wholesale for this strain and only one bag per order.


It took me forever to get genuine Trichocereus scopulicola seeds and it took a lot of searching until I could add those here in the shop. I only have a VERY limited number of seeds and I am not sure if I´ll get some more again.

Unlike the Scop seeds from Peru that were making the rounds recently, those are real Trichocereus scopulicola seeds and fresh from the recent harvest. They are viable and premium quality.

The photo does not show the mother plant.

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