Trichocereus taquimbalensis hybrid seeds Echinopsis Samen


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Trichocereus taquimbalensis hybrid seeds Echinopsis Samen

New Trichocereus taquimbalensis seeds. These are Hybrid seeds from an Australian friend who owns a large Trichocereus taquimbalensis mother plant with lots of other amazing Trichocereus plants nearby. It is unknown what the father was, but there’s even the potential for a colored flower as father. Who knows?  I kept quite a few for myself but I do not want them to get old, which is why the rest of them will go to other breeders who appreciate them. Get some of them and find it out. I am sure you´ll be blown away by the offspring from this cross.

Limited to one bag per order / 30 Seeds – 3.50 Euro


The photo is an example and does not show the mother plant.

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