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Trichocereus tarapacanus / Soehrensia tarapacana – Buy Seeds

Soehrensia formosa Peter Mansfeld

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

100 seeds – 10 Euro (just add 3 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)


Due to the rare nature of this plant, I only have very little information about it. It comes from Chile and probably belongs into the context of the genus Soehrensia, though it is sometimes labeled as a Trichocereus. There is no description of this species yet, but it seems to be related to Soehrensia ubelmanniana or Soehrensia/Echinopsis formosa. Apart from that, I do not have any more information about it other than that those seeds are nursery produced and NOT stolen from the wild. Be one of the first to grow this rare gem. There´s only a very limited number of seeds left.

Photo: Peter A Mansfeld / This picture does NOT show the mother plant, but the similar and closely related species Echinopsis/Soehrensia formosa. Because this species is so rare, I was not able to find a pic of the mother plant anywhere but I will add one as soon as my seedlings are bigger.

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