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SS02 (Trichocereus bridgesii)

SS02 (Trichocereus bridgesii) 

SS02 stands for a certain clone brought into cultivation by Ben Kamm & his nursery Sacred Succulents. It is a relatively short-spined Trichocereus bridgesii that is known to produce some mind-boggling offspring. Most of the hybrids produced with this plants do not look like a standard Bridgesii and due to the fact that Sacred Succulents has been offering them for years, there is a huge number of different SS02 Hybrids available.

Here is an excerpt of Sacred Succulent´s description of their SS02:

Dense candelabra stands to 16´tall. Blue/green frosted stems up to 5″ in diameter with 5 – 7 ribs. Each areole bears 2 – 4 central spines up to 1.5″ long. White nocturnal flowers. The new growth on old stemps is often spineless. A distinct form of Trichocereus bridgesii. Cold hardy to 25° Fahrenheit. 

The Pictures of the SS02 clone were provided from Nitrogen!




And here are some hybrids that were created with the SS02 clone! If you want to some cuttings or seeds of the SS02, check out the Sacred Succulents website and ask for their seed list. There will be more SS02 hybrids to be seen in my upcoming book SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS. 

(SS02 x Tr. peruvianus) x Tom Juul´s Giant / Photo: Noah Reams

SS02 (Tr. bridgesii) x SS01 (Tr. peruvianus) / Photo: Noah Reams

SS02 x Juul's x T. Peruvianus by Sacred Succulents NR

(SS02 x Tom Juul´s Giant) x Tr. peruvianus / Photo: Noah Reams

(SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM  and TPM x SS02 right NitroTwo seedling grafts made by SAB member Nitrogen. 
Left: (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM  Right: TPM x SS02 

Sacred Succulents used the SS02 to produce an endless list of great hybrids. Some of those are:

SS02 x SS01, SS02 x Trichocereus pachanoi, SS02 x Huancabamba, SS02 x BBG, SS02 x Luther Burbank, and many more. Apart from Sacred Succulents, the SS02 is used bymany other breeders, such as Misplant, Cactusaffinity.com and many more.

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