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TPQC (Trichocereus pachanoi Quasi Cristata)

TPQC (Trichocereus pachanoi Quasi Cristata)

TBQ 2Jan24th023

This interesting plant is one of the mother plants of SAB member Nitrogen. He used this plant to produces various hybrids between 2012 and now. It´s a very interesting Pachanoi that started growing like a crest after a snail attack. Nitrogen wasn´t sure if it already had the crest-genetics hidden inside and the snail attack just brought it out, or if this was a one-time mutation.

Here is what Nitrogen posted about the plant in 2012:

“The T. pachanoi “quasi-cristata” (TPQC) is a non-PC pachanoi type that grew crested after an apparent snail attack – maybe it is genetic in there somewhere and the snail attack caused it to come out, or maybe it is purely from the infection – regardless its a beautiful pachanoi though I haven’t taken good care of it these past couple years..”

TBQ Jan24th023



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