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My book about the SAN PEDRO GROUP and its related species. This book features information on 20 Trichocereus species that have a connection Trichocereus pachanoi, hundreds of photos from the habitats, descriptions and information on how to tell these species apart.

THE SAN PEDRO GROUP is an oversize A4 hardcover book with 400 all color pages, thread stitching, strictly limited to 999 books and all books are numbered and signed. The price is 88 Euro + 15 Euro shipping costs. It sounds like a lot, but this was the cheapest I could prize it due to the extensive printing costs for a color book of that size. It is very worth the price and you will not regret buying it. The photos alone are worth it, not even speaking of the valuable information on how to keep the species apart or the descriptions. If you want to order this book, get in touch with me through my email EG  [@] There are only a few hundred books left and this is not a book where there´s going to be endless supply.




This project started years ago when I was trying to work myself through the large number of KK numbers available on the market. Not only was it difficult to find a complete KK list, but also impossible to navigate myself through all the interesting types that were available. I ended up sourcing photos over the course of two years and I am happy to share this book with you. I am also proud to announce that I was greatly supported by the Knize family, which helped me to write a much bigger book than what I had originally planned. I was able to collect more than a hundred pictures for this book, and I am glad to release it now in spring 2017. For now, it will be published as a digital/eBook edition, but it is possible that I´ll be able to produce a very limited printed edition too. Cover: Karel Knize



This book was originally planned as a chapter in my San Pedro book, but turned out to be a huge project of its own and I hope that I will be able to print this book as a follow-up book to the SAN PEDRO GROUP.
SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS includes everything about all the clones and hybrids that are common among Trichocereus growers worldwide. The book offers origin stories, pictures and information about crosses and parents. This book is the definitive book about SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS. With some never before seen pictures of rare crosses and offers a perfect mix between classic descriptions and new high quality pictures.



The Genus Trichocereus

This book is the result of my ongoing work as a botanist and cactus grower with focus on the genus Trichocereus. It has been a work in progress for a couple years now and will be published during the next few years. The book offers all the descriptions, photos and information about the genus Trichocereus. I have included some never before seen pictures of rare plants and offer a perfect mix between classic descriptions and new high quality pictures.

Cover: Jason Hollinger & Neil Brougham






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