Category: Trichocereus Hybrid Breeders Database / Rodni Kisar Seed List 2016

Trichocereus Australia Seed List 2016 – Rodni Kisar You can reach this breeder through the email address All packs are of 30+ seeds unless specified. T. bridgesii ‘Anna’ X T. pachanoi ‘PC’ T. bridgesii ‘Anna’ X T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #2’ T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ X T. bridgesii ‘Anna’ 15 Seeds T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ X T. … Seedlist 2015 Seedlist 2015 T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ x T. cuzcoensis ‘CC’ T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ x T. macrogonus ‘Fields’ T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ x T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ T. bridgesii ‘Ben’ x T. peruvianus ‘Rosei #1’ T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ x T .pachanoi ‘Fields’ T. bridgesii ‘Psycho0’ x T. peruvianus ‘John’ T. bridgesii ‘Tig’ x T. pachanoi ‘Fields’ T. bridgesii …

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