Trichocereus Shirt Connoisseur Pack 8 Different Cactus Shirts


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Trichocereus Shirt Connoisseur Pack 8 Different Cactus Shirts

This exclusive Premium Pack contains all eight shirts that we designed for our recent book campaign. All shirts are extremely limited and only made on demand. The number of shirts per design is extremely limited and some are only made a few times. We´re only making them to support our book and this will probably not be a permanent thing. So get them while they are here.

The shirts are in the colors shown on the graphic. Sizes available are S, M, L, XL and 2X aka XXL. Please make sure to add your size to the comments of the order. All shirts will be made in the same color.

Shipping time with these is somewhere around 4-8 weeks. Our printer takes a good week or two until we get them, which is why it´s a bit slower than the other items in our shop.

Price: 240 Euro (including worldwide shipping)

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