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Tutorials: Toothpick Grafting

Hi Guys, have one of my manical phases today, so felt like posting some more help for people who have difficulties with grafting. This technique is pretty much hardcore and stockunfriendly but the stock usually takes it very well. As I already mentioned elsewhere, the pressure is THE Key to grafting. If you lose many graftings and don’t know why, it’s either because you don’t put enough pressure on the grafted plant or because you use dirty tools. For this technique you need a toothpick made from wood, some rubber bands, a razor blade and a knife. Everything works pretty much similar to normal grafting. Go get yourself a healthy and well watered stock and cut it AT THE TOP because small stumps don’t grow very well and the same principle applies for a grafted plant as well. Flatten the edges, use the razor blade to cut off the plant you want to graft, stick the toothpick through the grafting stock, take the rubber and use it to fixate the grafted plant on top of the grafting stock. Done.


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