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Australia Trichocereus: Photos of an amazing collection

Australia Trichocereus: Photos of an amazing collection

This amazing Trichocereus collection can be found in a private garden in Australia. We were given the chance to show this beautiful collection here on our site and I am proud to have it. All photos: Simon Maddern

Trichocereus huarazensis / Echinopsis huarazensis

Trichocereus huarazensis / Echinopsis huarazensis

Trichocereus huarazensis is a columnar cactus from Huaraz in Peru. It is not an official species and it is a commercial name that goes back to Karel Knize. Knize sold seeds and plants from a wild population in Huaraz. A Trichocereus grower in the United States obtained a cutting from Mr. Knize, which was the start for this rare clone in the Trichocereus community. Today, Trichocereus huarazensis is used in many different hybrid crosses of the US breeder Misplant, and it was also used by crosses of the US breeder Nitrogen.
There is also a wild collection of Trichocereus seeds from Huaraz that was collected by Chavin Herbalists. The collection is called Huarazino and it is probably from the same plants that Karel Knize collected his seeds from too.

The origininal Trichocereus huarazensis clone

Trichocereus huarazensis in the wild, also called Huarazino, from chavin Herbalist.



The book THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA contains hundreds of photos and original descriptions of all species related to Lophophora williamsii. The book includes fascinating photos that show these wonderful plants in habitat or in collections from all over the world and helps you to identify them on sight.

Release Date: The work for this book is in progress and a release date will be added as soon as the editing is done. I aim for a 2019 release. THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA will be a oversize DIN A4 hardcover book made with love and all books are signed, limited to 999 books and numbered by hand. The overall page count will be 250 – 300 all color pages. The book is certainly written in English.

If you want to preorder this book, please subscribe to the newsletter on and you will be instantly notified as soon as the book will be available for preorder.

Photo Credit: Armante Darmanin, Dornenwolf, CT Johannson & Coastapppr
This is an early version of the cover and it´s likely that it will change or be published with some  completely different cover photos. If you want to donate photos for this book, please send a message to kontakt[@]

TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1 books in stock! Taking orders now!

TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1 books in stock! Taking orders now!

Hi guys, the books have finally arrived! I am glad to announce that the sale of my book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP has officially started and I am taking orders now. You can order the books here:

TRICHOCEREUS Book VOLUME 1 Patrick Noll Buch Cactus Echinopsis

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It will take a few weeks until all preordered books are shipped, but I am already working on the roll-out and it should n´t take much longer than 3-4 weeks.

The books look excellent and will blow you away. There are 400 all color pages with hundreds of photos, descriptions and information on 20 different Trichocereus species . It is a gigantic A4 hardcover book and it comes with a whole lot of nice Trichocereus and cactus related flyers and extras. Due to the fact that this book is a self-published independent release, the printing costs were excessive. That´s why the price of the books is 88 Euro + 15 Euro shipping costs. It sounds high at first, but it would not have been possible to print a book of this size for much lower without going broke.
All books are limited to 999, numbered and signed. Half of the books are already sold through the Crowdfunding and the preorders, so if you want a copy it´s best to get one soon as I will start listing the book on eBay and Amazon sometime soon.

Worldwide Shipping, no problemo. The delivery time for the books is 3-6 weeks depending on how fast I can roll out the books that are already ordered. I will ship the books on a first come, first served basis but I´ll make sure everybody gets his book.  

If you want to order a book, you can order it through EG[@] It will also be available in my shop as soon as I had the time to take a few good product photos. I just finished unloading the books and it´ll probably take a week until I can walk normally again and it´s officially in the shop.

However you can certainly get a copy sooner if you send me an email. After getting your order and email address, I will send you a Paypal invoice, will put a copy aside for you and add it to the shipping list. I´ll work my way through this list until the very last book is shipped. Depending on how fast I can get them all out, it might take between 3-6 weeks until the books are starting to arrive.

Trichocereus book Echinopsis books cactus books

Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books

Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books 2


Book Vol. 3: The Genus Trichocereus – Patrick Noll Echinopsis

Book Vol. 3: The Genus Trichocereus – Patrick Noll Echinopsis

The Genus Trichocereus

This wonderful Trichocereus book is the result of my ongoing work as a botanist and cactus grower with focus on the genus Trichocereus. It has been a work in progress for many years and will be released in the near future. THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS will be the last and final chapter in my Trichocereus trilogy and is going to be a one of a kind book with hundreds of photos from habitats or collections all over the world.

The book offers all the descriptions, photos and information about the genus Trichocereus and combines old knowledge with the newest DNA data to show connections between some of the lesser known Trichocereus species.

THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS is a mammoth project that took years and years of preparation. It will be the biggest and most ambitioned project I ever made and I aim at a 2019 release date.

If you want to support this project with photos or information feel free to send me a message to EG [@] (Without the brackets).

Cover: Jason Hollinger & Neil Brougham (This is an early promo cover and the final book will almost certainly have a different cover.



First photos of my TRICHOCEREUS BOOK!

First photos of my TRICHOCEREUS BOOK!

Hey guys, the first photos of the TRICHOCEREUS book are here. It looks gorgeous and I wanted to share some of the pics with you. Please note that this is a huge book. The measurements are 221 x 303 mm, so it´s even a little bit bigger than A4. Get yourself a meter and check out how big this actually is. It´s a monster of a Trichocereus book.

I´ll attach a pic of the finished cover, the index and some of the pages. There are 400 all-color pages and we made sure they are all great. There only are a few hundred books available outside the campaign, so let me know if you want to preorder one. You can message me here on Facebook or through my email EG [@] There only are hardcover books left and the price of those is 88 Euro plus shipping. Because of the immense costs of the color printing, this was the cheapest I could price them. It will be very worth it though.

The cover is slightly different to the latest version because we had to exchange one photo which didn’t have the resolution it needed to have. I think it looks even better now.

If you want to get a copy, you can it here:

Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book  1Cover subject to change because it´s not final.


Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 2


Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 3Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book  5Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 7Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 8Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 9Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis cactus book 10

Haageocereus seeds available

Haageocereus seeds available

Hey guys, I have some Haageocereus seeds available.

Haageocereus seeds Photo Michael Wolf

30 seeds – 3,00 Euro

100 seeds – 8,50 Euro

500 seeds – 38 Euro

1000 seeds – 75 Euro

Photo: Michael Wolf

I guess the deeper I get into the rabbit hole, the more I appreciate the Peruvian Haageocereus species. Those members of the Trichocereeae are amazing columnar cacti that are very similar to Trichocereus. The whole genus is poorly understood, but there has be some amazing work done in the past years.

So yeah, long story short…I stocked some Haageocereus species and I am sure a lot of you will apreciate them! Most if not all Haageocereus species are CITES 2 and can be shipped as seeds into most countries. I´d also like to mention that some Haageocereus species can´t be imported to Australia because of quarantine, so please make sure to check the permitted species before ordering.

Here is the list of new Haageocereus seeds that I have in stock. Some of those names are no longer considered valid, but I stocked them under the name that I got them with.

All Haageocereus seeds are very limited and I just have enough for a few orders. All it takes is one big order and I am out of a certain species, so if you are after one don´t wait too long!


Haageocereus cantaensis n.n. RIO CHILLON, 2500 meters
Haageocereus divaricatispinus LURIN
Haageocereus amstutziae RIMAC, RIO RIMAC
Haageocereus acranthus RIO RIMAC
Haageocereus dichromus CHURIN
Haageocereus chosicaensis CHOSICA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus pseudoacranthus RIO LURIN, 1200 meters
Haageocereus aureispinus RIO CHILLON, 2000 meters
Haageocereus achaetus CHURIN, 1800 meters
Haageocereus pachystele RIO HUARA 1200 meters
Haageocereus cantaensis RIO CHILLON
Haageocereus acanthocladus RIO HUARA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus chosicensis CHOSICA
Haageocereus olowinskyanus CARACOLES, PUSACANA
Haageocereus centrispinus CASMA, 1200 meters
Haageocereus fortalezensis RIO FORTALEZA, 1300 meters

I also have some close other relatives of the genus Haageocereus. Those Loxanthocereus species are available too:

Loxanthocereus pullatus
Loxanthocereus ferroguineus
Loxanthocereus lanatus n.n. LURIN NEW
Loxanthocereus eriotrichus RIO RIMAC NEW
Loxanthocereus acanthurus MatucanaLoxanthocereus hoffmannii var. seniloides

If you want to order some, just send me an email to EG [at]! You can find other cactus seeds at

Crowdfunding Mission Successfully Completed!

Crowdfunding Mission Successfully Completed!

Hi Guys, last week we successfully complete our Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign to fund the printing costs of my book TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP. The book will offer a complete overview of the Trichocereus species related to the San Pedro cactus and has hundreds of habitat photos and background information in it. Many people helped to get this book done or to get it funded and I thank you all a thousand times. I´ll pay you back by making a great book. 

San Pedro group

Now that the campaign is over I was given the chance to leave up the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a few weeks in case anyone who did not have the money ready yet can still get a copy. There only is a very low number of copies available and at this point I do not know if I can fund another edition after those are sold out. So get them as long as I still have some. At this point there roughly are 60 hardcover copies and a few hundred softcover books available through Indiegogo. As long as there are perks (books) available, you can still buy a copy even though the campaign is over now. I will definitely pull the plug on the Indiegogo campaign website at a certain point in the next weeks so do not wait too long. All the books are numbered and strictly limited. You can find the link where you can buy a copy here:

The books will be shipped in July or August as soon as I get them from the printer. I want to make sure the quality is perfect and I will have two or three test prints to make sure the done book is how I want it to be.

Well yeah, thank you all for supporting this great project! It´s a dream come through and I promise you will have a lot of fun with this book!

Trichocereus Crowdfunding Success!!

Trichocereus Crowdfunding Success!!

Trichocereus San Pedro Group

Hi guys, it´s been one month since I started the crowdfunding campaign for my book TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP and it´s been a wild success! Though there is still one month to go, the campaign already reached more than 80% on Indiegogo…and I wanted to thank you all for that! I draw my hat to everyone who bought a book, donated or shared the link in his Facebook profile. Thank you all for making the past month one of the best months in my life!

With that said, the campaign has not officially reached the goal of 10.000 Euro yet, so please check out our campaign on Indiegogo and buy a copy of this extremely limited book! Also feel free to share our link with your friends!


There is also a hardcover Connoisseur edition that is made using the thread stitching technique to make sure your book looks amazing. But don´t get me wrong; the standard edition of my book has a great quality as well. I made sure of that and the whole book will be FULL COLOR. I actually wanted to stop at 300 pages because the costs are substantial, but I just want to make the best book possible and now you will get a book that has 350 – 400 pages!

Let me just give you some info on the content. The whole book is NOT a cheap attempt to grab some money, but a really professional collection of original descriptions and photos showing rare Trichocereus species in their natural habitats. Almost all photos show adult plants in nature, including extremely detailed flower pics and comparisons.
It contains all the rare species that were originally described and fills that up with detailed information about the situation and the climate in the habitats and shows how to tell those rare species apart.

There are never before seen photos from all kinds of South America Field Trips, including photos of Trichocereus santaensis, Trichocereus knuthianus, Trichocereus schoenii, Trichocereus bridgesii, Trichocereus cuzcoensis  and so many more.
There are separate chapters of historic sites like Chavin De Huantar, the Isla Del Sol, Cusco and many other places that are known for their breathtaking Trichocereus populations. It also has separate chapters about the San Pedro cactus in Bolivia, Chile and its original type locality in Ecuador.

So long story short, this book is serious business and a good read! It´s about nothing but botanic and taxonomic facts and does NOT contain anything about borderline legal stuff like cactus ingestion and stuff like that. I want you to know that this is not a book that you need to hide on your bookshelf.

TRICHOCEREUS: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP is available exclusively through this campaign and is only available in a very limited crowdfunding edition. This is NOT a risky crowdfunding campaign and this book WILL BE PUBLISHED. Don´t miss out on it, because you will absolutely love this book and regret it if you don´t get yourself a copy. There only are about 400 books available through the campaign and almost half of them are already sold out! This campaign goes into its final month and I guess you could call it a mid season Finale. I know that it´s not exactly cheap, but all the money goes directly into the quality of the printing and is not made to grab some cash.

So yeah, get it while you still can! Let´s get this baby printed!

Crowdfunding Campaign TRICHOCEREUS book VOLUME 1

Crowdfunding Campaign TRICHOCEREUS book VOLUME 1

This is the crowdfunding campaign post for our first Trichocereus book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP.

Crowdfunding Campaign TRICHOCEREUS book VOLUME 1

Hi guys, I just wanted to take the time to let you all know about the status of my crowd funding campaign for the printing costs of my book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP. Until 2016, this book was available exclusively through my Indiegogo campaign here:

The campaign is now closed, but it is now up for sale in our shop here:

I´ve been working on this book for a few years now and it´s finally getting close to a release date. It´ll have more than 300 all-color pages and will contain hundreds of color pics showing plants from the San Pedro Group in the habitat, botanic gardens and collections worldwide. There were dozens of well known people helping me with photos for this book and I am extremely proud that I was given the chance to write it! I´ll make sure it´ll be a high quality book that will look awesome on your shelf! There will be descriptions, photos and cultivation advice as well as a detailed guide on how to germinate difficult seed. The book takes a close look at flowers, fruits and old names that are no longer valid. This book contains a whole lot of different species and commercial varieties like Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus peruvianus, Trichocereus bridgesii, Trichocereus scopulicola, Trichocereus tarmaensis, Trichocereus cuzcoensis, Trichocereus huanucoensis, Trichocereus pallarensis and many, many more!

The printing costs are somewhere between 10.000 – 12.000 Euros and that´s why I started the campaign on Indiegogo two days ago. Now after just 2 days, the campaign already reached 69% of its goal and is getting new supporters every single day.

The number of available books is very limited. There only are 250 softcover books and 100 hardcover books available exclusively through the campaign. The hardcover books already sold out but I managed to add a few that I actually wanted to put in the Trichocereus shop. Both the softcover version as well as the hard cover version are available for a reduced crowd funding price to say thank you to all the backers. The soft cover version will costs 58 Euro (+shipping costs) and the hardcover version will cost 88 Euro (+shipping costs). Both versions will be printed on high quality paper and with high quality ink. But because of the increased price of the hardcover edition, I could use an even better paper- and ink quality as well as some thread stitching to provide a higher value for the collectors. All the hardcover books are limited, numbered and signed as way to thank you for your support!
There also are package deals and re-seller packages to make it easier for shops or group-buyers to buy it. The books will be printed in June and the shipping phase begins in June or July. If you are not able to participate in the campaign due to whatever reasons, just let me know and I´ll try to find a way to make it work. It´s important to me that everyone who supports this project will actually get one.

Alright guys, it counts now and if I can´t get the campaign funded, the books won´t look as brilliant as they will when it reaches its goal. So please support my project on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign will run for 60 days and I hope to reach the goal within the first 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with me, you can reach me through EG [ät] You can also get in touch with me through our Trichocereus Facebook Group!

Cover Design not final and subject to change.

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