Cactus Seeds Echinopsis toralapana WR x AKS.2015.71.HSK4


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This is a cool cross that I am personally happy about. Mother is a fantastic natural form of Echinopsis obrepanda with incredibly intense flowers. Echinopsis toralapana is one part of the legendary CANTORA hybrids. And this particular form was collected by Walter Rausch. The flowers literally glow in a very unusual purple color. Really a nice and rare form of Echinopsis obrepanda (which E.toralapana belongs to). The father is one of the best hybrids that I ever raised and it´s the unreal looking AKS.2015.71.HSK4. Top notch Pseudolobivia (the name these plants had before) cross.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2022.0131 (Limited to one bag per order)

Mother: Echinopsis toralapana WR

Father: AKS.2015.71.HSK4