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Sausage Plant (Trichocereus peruvianus)

Sausage Plant (Trichocereus peruvianus)

The Sausage Plant is a very blue type of short spined Trichocereus peruvianus or some kind of Pachanoi / Peruvianus intermediate. The name comes from the “sausage-like” growth. It has the tendence to terminate its growth and pup again on top of the old shoot. That look can sometimes make them impression of a sausage.

SAUSAGE PLANT originally comes from South Australia, but there also are other sites where it can be found. That also includes the Fields collection.

Unfortunately, I do not have a good pic of this pupping behaviour, but it´s been reported from various growers that own it. It definitely is one of the most interesting Tricho clones out there and exceedingly rare in cultivation.

pot sausage Plant trichocereus san pedro 2

pot sausage Plant trichocereus san pedro

post-4489-0-56180800-1384399704 sausage

Pics: GoT

post-4489-0-52381100-1384399718 pot sausage

Sausage Plant (1)

Sausage Plant (2)

Sausage x Scop

This is a Sausage Plant x Trichocereus Scopulicola


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