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Trichocereus huarazensis / Echinopsis huarazensis

Trichocereus huarazensis / Echinopsis huarazensis

Trichocereus huarazensis is a columnar cactus from Huaraz in Peru. It is not an official species and it is a commercial name that goes back to Karel Knize. Knize sold seeds and plants from a wild population in Huaraz. A Trichocereus grower in the United States obtained a cutting from Mr. Knize, which was the start for this rare clone in the Trichocereus community. Today, Trichocereus huarazensis is used in many different hybrid crosses of the US breeder Misplant, and it was also used by crosses of the US breeder Nitrogen.
There is also a wild collection of Trichocereus seeds from Huaraz that was collected by Chavin Herbalists. The collection is called Huarazino and it is probably from the same plants that Karel Knize collected his seeds from too.

The origininal Trichocereus huarazensis clone

Huarazensis 9 misplant

Huarazensis 4 misplant

Trichocereus huarazensis in the wild, also called Huarazino, from chavin Herbalist.

Huarazensis 9 a

Huarazensis 8 a

Huarazensis 7 a

Huarazensis 6 a

Huarazensis 5 a

Huarazensis 4 a

Huarazensis 3 a

Huarazensis 26 a

Huarazensis 25 a

Huarazensis 24 a

Huarazensis 23 a

Huarazensis 22 a

Huarazensis 21 a

Huarazensis 2

Huarazensis 15 a

Huarazensis 13 a

Huarazensis 12 a

Huarazensis 11 a

Huarazensis 10 a

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