Cactus Seeds Glowing Trichocereus Flower Hybrid x (Teshi x Apricot Glow)





This amazing new PNO cross combines two of the best flowers I had in 2019. The mother of this remarkable cross is a hybrid by Uwe Kahle that involves Rosa California, Echinopsis kermesina, Teshi and Apricot Glow and which has a flower that looks like it´s glowing. The father I used was the best yellow hybrid I ever had and the exact parentage is Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow), which are all classics on their own. Truly a stunning cross with lots of potential.

20 Seeds – 4.00 Euro / Limited to one bag per order!

The Mother: ((Rosa California x Echinopsis kermesina) x (Legon x (Teshi x Apricot Glow))

The Father: Cantora Gelb x (Teshi x Apricot Glow)

Trichocereus Cantora Gelb x Teshi x Apricot Glow

The Cactus Jerk Flower Video from this cross.

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