Cactus Seeds (Gräsers Erfolg x SB) x KA.2013.142.5 Wörlitz


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A cross between ruffled mega hybrid GRÄSERS ERFOLG x SB and a Wörlitz hybrid by Uwe Kahle. GRÄSERS ERFOLG x SB is one of my favorite hybrids by far. The plant and its offspring are massive chonks and the offspring is often ruffled. With their total massiveness and the weird flowers these plants are a very unique and beautiful sight. Most of the ruffled Gräser hybrids are originating from a cross between Aporocactus flagelliformis x Trichocereus candicans. The fruit grew on the Aporocactus, but ended up producing some massive seedlings that are similar to Trichocereus candicans, but much more impressive. Their diameter is often close to the diameter of large Trichocereus species such as Trichocereus terscheckii. They don’t grow very tall, but wide!

The mother in this cross is selected offspring from GRÄSERS ERFOLG that produced the most extreme ruffles. I don´t think I have any other plants that are this ruffled and I love breeding with this plant. The father is Uwe Kahle´s KA.2013.142.5, which is (Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x Kofi Annan.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) PNO.2021.0106

Mother: Aporocandicans Gräsers Erfolg x SB

Father: KA.2013.0142.5 (Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x Kofi Annan




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