Cactus Seeds (Gröner Orange x Legon) x Wörlitz Trichocereus


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This interesting hybrid is a follow-up hybrid of the classic Trichocereus thelegonoides hybrid LEGON by Uwe Kahle and a Trichocereus candicans hybrid by Professor Gröner. Those were originally sourced from Köhres as Trichocereus candicans hybrids and the father was most likely a Pseudolobivia. They flowered at a very small size and in colors other than white.

The father of this cross is the all-time classic WÖRLITZ, which produces incredible results due to the extreme contrast that it passes down to the crosses.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order. Only five or six bags available in total) 

The mother: (Gröner Orange x Legon)

Trichocereus Gröner-Orange-x-Legon-x-Wörlitz.jpg

The father: Multihybrid WÖRLITZ

Trichocereus Lobivia Multihybrid Wörlitz