Cactus Seeds (Gröner x Flying Saucer) x Makola 20 cm flowers!


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So this is a world class cross and I should probably not sell it off and instead grow the seeds myself. However, I just have way too many plants and too little space, so I am releasing them into the world and hope whoever gets them will eventually report back with flower photos.

The mother is an Uwe Kahle hybrid from the cross KA.2013.224.15 and the parents are (Gröner Orange x Flying Saucer) x Makola. I have three different plants from this cross and they are all amazing with huge flowers. The father is a Wörlitz x Cantora hybrid by Reinhard Liske with spiral-like petals. Looks incredible.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2022.0056

Mother: KA.2013.224.15 (Gröner Orange x Flying Saucer) x Makola

Father: RL.2010.2226.KA2 Wörlitz x Cantora orange