Cactus Seeds KA.2012.28.4 x (Gröner Orange x Legon)


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The mother of this cross is an Uwe Kahle hybrid from the cross KA.2012.28.4. The parents are Winneba, Rosa California and Echinopsis kermesina. Wild and intergeneric mix with lots of genetic possibilities. The father is a multihybrid between a Gröner Candicans (probably an intergeneric hybrid between Trichocereus candicans and Pseudolobivia) and the Trichocereus thelegonoides hybrid LEGON and Volta Lake. Huge flowers.

20 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) – PNO.2020.0129

Mother: KA.2012.28.4.Winneba/Rosa California/Echinopsis kermesina

Father: Gröner Orange x Legon x (Volta Lake)



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