Cactus Seeds KA.2015.259.2 x Pink Stripes HUGE Yellow x Colorful!


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Alright, here come the new crosses from the 2023 harvest….and it was an incredible harvest with at least 500-800 fruits and insanely beautiful cactus flowers. ‘
This first cross is between an Uwe Kahle hybrid from the cross KA.2015.259.2 Charme/Flying Saucer/Cantora Gelb x Otschina and the legendary multihybrid PINK STRIPES. Mother has flowers over 20 cm with a very unique yellow color and the body is unique and very unlike the classic Cantora body too. Thelegonoides influenced body on the mother. The father is one of the best hybrids ever made.

20 Seeds – 4 Euro / PNO.2023.014


Mother: KA.2015.259.2 Charme/Flying Saucer/Cantora Gelb x Otschina 

Father: Pink Stripes