Cactus Seeds Soehrensia arboricola x Multihybrid Angelo


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So here´s a cross with the goal to get a fantastic flower out of Soehrensia arboricola aka Echinopsis arboricola, which is a mix between a hanging basket cactus and a classic column. Of all the plants I have in my collection, there´s probably none that flowers as abundantly as Soehrensia arboricola. Last season I had 20 flowers open SIMULTANEOUSLY and the flowers are very fertile with LOTS of pollen. It´s an amazing plant with lots of potential, which is why I used one of my best multi-hybrids ANGELO as father.I´ve sown this cross myself, which says a lot in view of my lack of sufficient space.

15 Seeds – 4 Euro (Limited to one bag per order) / PNO.2023.0057

Mother: Soehrensia arboricola / E.arboricola

Father: Multihybrid ANGELO