Cactus Seeds Trichocereus (Flying Saucer x Dione) x Ruffallo


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This cross combines the incredible genes of the Flying Saucer with the other classic Dione and throws in a ruffled masterpiece hybrid that flowers at a size of 7 cm. Yes, you heard that right! Gräser hybrids are known to flower very reluctantly and plants often need to reach a crazy size before they flower, but that´s absolutely not the case here. I got it as an unlabeled hybrid but it is likely that one of the classic Gräsers Schönste follow-up hybrids “Gräsers Erfolg x SB” or Freya were involved!

15 Seeds / 3.50 Euro LIMITED TO 1 BAG PER ORDER

Mother: Flying Saucer x Dione

Trichocereus Flying Saucer x Dione Echinopsis seed seeds cactus cacti

Father: Gräser Hybrid RUFFALLO

Trichocereus Gräsers Hybrid Ruffallo Echinopsis seed seeds

The Pollination Video: