Neoraimondia roseiflora Seeds from Lima


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Neoraimondia roseiflora Seeds from Lima

Those Neoraimondia roseiflora seeds from Lurin in Lima are super viable and extremely rare!

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The genus NEORAIMONDIA was described by Britton & Rose in 1920. They are endemic to Bolivia and Peru and this is one of the nicest Neoraimdonia species that we know. Neoraimdonia roseiflora has pinkish flowers and always was a species that was the source for debates between collectors like Friedrich Ritter or Curt Backeberg. Neoraimondia roseiflora seeds are rare and sought after. The species is extremely variable and the overall appearance and the rib count differs greatly depending on the location.

The species name Neoraimondia roseiflora was described by Backeberg and Rauh and the plant is really close to Neoraimondia arequipensis. This is a really rare plant and I am very happy that i can offer it here in my shop.

Those Neoraimdonia roseiflora seeds are fresh, highly viable and tested. The seeds are nursery produced from Lima and were not stolen from nature.

If you want to buy seeds of other cacti or Neoraimondia species, feel free to send me a message.

CITES: Neoraimdonia roseiflora is CITES 2, what means it is legal to import seeds into most countries. But make sure to check your regional import laws to be on the safe side.

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