Seeds ((Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x Cantora Rot) x KA.2013.257.03


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PNO.2020.0105 (15 Seeds per bag / 4 Euro, limited to one bag per order)

The father is absolutely breathtaking and one of the best hybrids I am currently breeding with. The mother is a classic Wörlitz/Cantora Hybrid with the legendary genetics that can always produce crazy flowers. The fruit was tiny and there´ll be very few bags that I can put in here. I thought long about putting them in, but I just cannot grow them all. So get them while they are here.

Mother: KA.2013.200.02 ((Wörlitz x Cantora Gelb) x Cantora Rot)

Cactus Seeds KA.2013.200.02 Wörlitz Cantora

Father: KA.2013.257.03 Rosa Cali kermesina x Legon RL1469.BS9


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