Trichocereus Australia Flower Hybrid Collection Seeds Samen



Trichocereus Australian Flower Hybrid Collection Seeds Samen

If you want to get started with Australian hybrids with beautiful flowers, this Seed Pack is the one to go. It´s a collection that was donated by a friend of us with a fantastic garden and contains 9 different Trichocereus, Soehrensia or Echinopsis Seeds. All seeds are extremely viable and will grow into amazing plants with beautiful flowers.

The following Trichocereus/Echinopsis strains are included in this pack:

  • Original Fields Collection Soehrensia Seed Mix (extremely rare, the Fields Collection has been donated to a Botanical Garden and this is a late chance to get some of these rare plants)
  • Trichocereus hybrid “Squat Pink
  • Soehrensia Hybrid Best Second
  • Soehrensia Hybrid BIGGEST
  • Trichocereus Mix “2nd Cross with Soehrensia”
  • Trichocereus Hybrid BEST YELLOW
  • Trichocereus “Yellow Huascha” 
  • Trichocereus ORANGES AND LEMONS
  • Soehrensia 2nd x BIGGEST



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