Trichocereus ‘Gräsers Schönste’ x M105) x Windigo x Lobivia winteriana



This intergeneric cross combines all kinds of cacti and classics like the ruffled ‘Gräsers Schönste’, the Schick Echinopsis hybrid ‘Windigo’ as well as the extremely beautiful Lobivia species Lobivia winteriana from Peru.

Intergeneric crosses between Trichocereus and Lobivia are very rare and the offspring can sometimes be used to make crosses with cacti that wouldn´t work under normal circumstances. This makes this cross something very special.

The Mother of this cross:

Trichocereus ‘Gräsers Schönste’ x M105) x Windigo 2
Mother: Trichocereus ‘Gräsers Schönste’ x M105) x Windigo

The Father: Lobivia winteriana

Lobivia winteriana, a gorgeous Lobivia species that works great in hybrid crosses!

The Actual Pollination Video on Youtube

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If you want to know more about this cross, check out the video of the actual pollination on our amazing Youtube channel. I try to provide as much information about the rare crosses I make and share it with the community. In this case I took a long video pollinating

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