Trichocereus purpureominata Seeds Peppermint Dreams



Trichocereus purpureominata Seeds Peppermint Dreams

These interesting Trichocereus purpureominata seeds are the result of a cross between Trichocereus purpureominata (a purpur flowering Trichocereus huascha) and the Trichocereus hybrid Peppermint Dreams. The correct way to write it is Trichocereus purpureominata x Trichocereus sp. “Peppermint Dreams”. The resulting offspring will most likely look similarly amazing as the parents and I am glad to have this Trichocereus hybrid cross in my shop.

Trichocereus purpureominata Seeds Samen T. huascha Usien

Photo Credit: Trichocereus huascha by Usien

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

100 seeds – 10,00 Euro (just add 3 bags to your cart and the price is automatically discounted)





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