Trichocereus Shirt T-shirt



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Trichocereus Shirt T-shirt

Trichocereus Shirt – High Quality Cotton T-Shirt, printed in Germany.

This is the first shirt produced by We´ll only produce a small quantity of them for the release of the upcoming SAN PEDRO HYBRIDS book and we´re pretty thrilled about the whole thing. It´s a beautiful design and a high quality shirt that is fun to fear. We wanted to make sure that the shirt doesn´t feel like Frankenstein´s monster stitched together from a potato sack, which is why the shirts are a little bit more expensive…in the end you have a shirt with plenty of colors, which just feels nice!
We´ll only print very few of them, so you´ll be the proud owner of one of very few shirts worldwide.

The Trichocereus shirt comes in the colors white and black and in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. There´s no difference in pricing and all the shirts are 29 Euro + 5 Euro worldwide shipping costs in a registered bag.  Shipping costs are already included in the total price of 34 Euro.

All shirts are printed separately from the customers specifications and shipping can take 3-6 weeks. In rare cases it can take longer, but the average delivery time is 3-4 weeks. If you have questions or wanna buy more than one, just send me a message to