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Multihybrid Echinopsis toralapana x Aporocandicans Schigra F2

So this one is an Ingo Barthels hybrid between the legendary Echinopsis toralapana and a really rare Aporocandicans (Aporocactus x Trichocereus candicans) hybrid called Aporocandicans Schigra F2. It means that the father is the result of an F2 cross between (Aporocactus x Candicans) x Schigra (Trichocereus schickendantzii x Echinopsis grandiflora v.eyriesii).

Definitely an interesting hybrid in regards to the parents and the body. I have a sister plant of this one and it has an even cooler body, and I’m sure these will be really useful for breeding interesting new body types.

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Trichocereus FIRST LIGHT

First Light is a classic Trichocereus hybrid with a very unique flower. They only open for a relatively short amount of time, but when they are open they look amazing. It´s a very unique hybrid that´s still relevant, even after all those years. The breeder of Trichocereus FIRST LIGHT is Mark Dimmitt.

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Lobivia Hybrid BORN TO BE WILD

The sun was lethal today. Some top notch flowers were opening up, so I couldn’t do my work at night when the sun isn’t so aggressive anymore. So I sat there hours in the most vicious sun I’ve experienced this year and pollinated my flowers like a trooper. Here they are. 😊✌ Lobivia hybrid BORN TO BE WILD.

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Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower

The Hildewintera hybrid MONTEZUMA comes from breeder Klaus Rippe. It has a lovely flower with a diameter of roughly 8 cm. I enjoy breeding with it in crosses and I noted a similarity to another HWH hybrid called ANDENKEN AN FRIEDRICH RITTER. The body is a classic Hildewintera or Cleistocactus body and at a certain size it starts leaning over and grow prostrate. Personally, I love Hildewintera flowers, but I try to get a more stable and columnar body in my crosses. The goal is to get a Hildewintera flower on a Trichocereus body.

Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower
Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower 2
Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Cleistocactus Flower 4

Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA Flower Videos

Here is another video of Hildewintera Hybrid MONTEZUMA. I already took another flower video of this one like a week ago, but this one turned out a lot nice in regards to the look of the flower. There are days when everything works perfectly and the flowers open smoothly, and that´s what happened here. Hildewintera / HWH hybrid MONTEZUMA is still pretty rare and I think mine originally came from Kakteen Vers. I tried finding out more info about the parents but nothing was available. In my opinion it is a hybrid with ANDENKEN AN FRIEDRICH RITTER though. It is difficult to keep these two apart. Hildewintera is now included in the genus Cleistocactus.

More photos of this hybrid will be posted in my Patreon at

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Video (Tema x (T.purpureopilosus x Dessau)) x Chimu/frankii/Schönste…)

Tema x Trichocereus purpureopilosus x Dessau Tema Gräsers Schönste

This hybrid grew from an intergeneric cross involving Trichocereus and Lobivia. The breeder of this gem is Uwe Kahle and the parents are (Tema x (Trichocereus purpureopilosus x Lobivia hybrid DESSAU)) x Chimu/frankii/Gräsers Schönste / Legon). The breeder´s code number is KA.2013.0185 and I really like this one´s flower. I got it through eBay, where nobody really cared about it than me. Definitely a lovely hybrid.

(Tema x (Trichocereus purpureopilosus x Lobivia hybrid DESSAU)) x Chimu/frankii/Gräsers Schönste / Legon

Cactus Flower Video

(Tema x (Trichocereus purpureopilosus x Lobivia hybrid DESSAU)) x Chimu/frankii/Gräsers Schönste / Legon 2
(Tema x (Trichocereus purpureopilosus x Lobivia hybrid DESSAU)) x Chimu/frankii/Gräsers Schönste / Legon 3

More photos of this hybrid will be posted in my Patreon at

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Trichocereus Australia: Photos of an amazing collection

This amazing Trichocereus Australia collection can be found in a private garden in Australia. We were given the chance to show this beautiful collection here on our site and I am proud to have it. All photos: Simon Maddern

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The book THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA contains hundreds of photos and original descriptions of all species related to Lophophora williamsii. The book includes fascinating photos that show these wonderful plants in habitat or in collections from all over the world and helps you to identify them on sight.

Release Date: The work for this book is in progress and a release date will be added as soon as the editing is done. THE GENUS LOPHOPHORA will be a oversize DIN A4 hardcover book made with love and all books are signed, limited to 999 books and numbered by hand. The overall page count will be 250 – 300 all color pages. The book is certainly written in English.

If you want to preorder this book, please subscribe to the newsletter on and you will be instantly notified as soon as the book will be available for preorder.

UPDATE 2021: Due to the fact that American crowdfunding services hate this genus like the plague, we will delay the release date until we found another publisher that helps with the funding. Funding this book through a crowdfunding service would NOT work since they would just shut it down. Sad but that´s the future that these guys are building. This book WILL be released, but no idea when.

Photo Credit: Armante Darmanin, Dornenwolf, CT Johannson & Coastapppr
This is an early version of the cover and it´s likely that it will change or be published with some  completely different cover photos. If you want to donate photos for this book, please send a message to kontakt[@]

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TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1 books in stock! Taking orders now!

Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books 4

Hi guys, the books have finally arrived! I am glad to announce that the sale of my book TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 1: THE SAN PEDRO GROUP has officially started and I am taking orders now. You can order the books here:

It will take a few weeks until all preordered books are shipped, but I am already working on the roll-out and it should n´t take much longer than 3-4 weeks.

The books look excellent and will blow you away. There are 400 all color pages with hundreds of photos, descriptions and information on 20 different Trichocereus species . It is a gigantic A4 hardcover book and it comes with a whole lot of nice Trichocereus and cactus related flyers and extras. Due to the fact that this book is a self-published independent release, the printing costs were excessive. That´s why the price of the books is 88 Euro + 15 Euro shipping costs. It sounds high at first, but it would not have been possible to print a book of this size for much lower without going broke.
All books are limited to 999, numbered and signed. Half of the books are already sold through the Crowdfunding and the preorders, so if you want a copy it´s best to get one soon as I will start listing the book on eBay and Amazon sometime soon.

Worldwide Shipping, no problemo. The delivery time for the books is 3-6 weeks depending on how fast I can roll out the books that are already ordered. I will ship the books on a first come, first served basis but I´ll make sure everybody gets his book.  

If you want to order a book, you can order it through EG[@] It will also be available in my shop as soon as I had the time to take a few good product photos. I just finished unloading the books and it´ll probably take a week until I can walk normally again and it´s officially in the shop.

However you can certainly get a copy sooner if you send me an email. After getting your order and email address, I will send you a Paypal invoice, will put a copy aside for you and add it to the shipping list. I´ll work my way through this list until the very last book is shipped. Depending on how fast I can get them all out, it might take between 3-6 weeks until the books are starting to arrive.

Trichocereus book Echinopsis books cactus books
Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books
Trichocereus book Volume 1 Echinopsis books cactus books 2
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Book Vol. 3: The Genus Trichocereus – Patrick Noll Echinopsis

THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS is the result of my ongoing work as a botanist and cactus grower with focus on the genus Trichocereus. It has been a work in progress for many years and will be released in the near future. THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS will be the last and final chapter in my Trichocereus trilogy and is going to be a one of a kind book with hundreds of photos from habitats or collections all over the world.

The book offers all the descriptions, photos and information about Trichocereus and combines old knowledge with the newest DNA data to show connections between some of the lesser known Trichocereus species.

THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS is a mammoth project that took years and years of preparation. It will be the biggest and most ambitioned project I ever made. Release date, not sure but we´re working on it.

If you want to support this project with photos or information feel free to send me a message to EG [@] (Without the brackets).

Cover: Jason Hollinger & Neil Brougham (This is an early promo cover and the final book will almost certainly have a different cover.

The Genus Trichocereus