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Eileen – Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

Eileen – Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis)

Eileen is an Australian Trichocereus clone that belongs to Trichocereus bridgesii / Echinopsis lageniformis.


Eileen is one of the most popular Clones that were spread through the SAB Trading Forums and became very well known among Trichocereus – Growers Worldwide!

Eileen was originally distributed by the Member reshroomED and is a TRICHOCEREUS BRIDGESII  with rather short golden spines. Apart from that, it looks like a pretty typical Trichocereus Bridgesii but flowers very rarely for most australian Growers. Nonetheless, Flowers have already been reported and some People managed to actively breed with it. Unfortunately, ED passed away this year and we and the rest of the Trichocereus community will always keep him in our hearts.

Buy seeds or plants of Eileen: The Eileen clone is one of the rarest that are known in the australian Trichocereus community. Please note that though many of those clones are Australian clones, it is my goal to make them more known throughout the rest of the world. Whenever this plant turns up on platforms like Ebay, the prices are insane. I saw one auction going for 100+ dollars and I havent seen one of them ever since. There are very few breeders who actively breed with this plant, though I am not aware of giving some seeds or cuttings away right now. If I was looking for an Eileen Cutting or seeds, my first guess would be to ask at the SAB forum or our Trichocereus Facebook group . Every now and then, there are people who give away really rare cuttings or seeds.

How to recognize Eileen? The biggest help to ID the plant is the weird spination. It has very short spines for a Bridgesii, especially on older specimens. It has double-spination, what makes this clone easy to ID.


t bridge eileen 1

eileen 3

t bridge eileen

Those pics show the original mother plant during a summer trim.

Trichocereus Eileen ED Trichocereus Eileen ED 10 Trichocereus Eileen ED 9 Trichocereus Eileen ED 8 Trichocereus Eileen ED 7 Trichocereus Eileen ED 6 Trichocereus Eileen ED 5 Trichocereus Eileen ED 3 Trichocereus Eileen ED 2


And those are some pics that were coming from reshroomED himself. Some of those were shot to point out how variable the spines on this clone actually are. :

Eileen ED 2 Eileen ED 1 Eileen ED spine variation 7 Eileen ED spine variation 6 Eileen ED spine variation 5 Eileen ED spine variation 4 Eileen ED spine variation 3 Eileen ED spine variation 2 Eileen ED spine variation 1 Eileen ED 5 Eileen ED 4 Eileen ED 3


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