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Fertilizer Burns and Chemical Burns on Trichocereus

In this video I captured Fertilizer Burns aka Chemical Burns that I caused around mid June. There were a few plants that I really wanted to get to flower during the current season, so I gave them a stronger dose than I probably should have given. I personally don´t really care about this kind of stuff unless it´s a very beloved plant. Fertilizing is just necessary and every plant has its own tolerance. The fertilizers that I use on my Trichocereus only cause relatively mild burns, compared to some of the cheaper fertilizers that´s available on the market. There are certain brands of fertilizer that can completely kill your plants via these fertilizer burns if the concentration is just a little bit too strong, so it’s really important you get a quality fertilizer. You can get similar chemical burns from Neem Oil. It´s not really the same as fertilizer burns, but the overall process is similar and the result is often even worse.

Photos of Fertilizer Burns / Chemical Burns

Fertilizer and Chemical Burns on Trichocereus
Fertilizer and Chemical Burns on Trichocereus  2
Fertilizer and Chemical Burns on Trichocereus  3

More photos of this hybrid will be posted in my Patreon at https://patreon.com/cactusjerk

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