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Jeans (Trichocereus bridgesii)

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Jeans (Trichocereus bridgesii)

JEANS Trichocereus bridgesii zed420

This interesting plant is a Trichocereus bridgesii clone that was originally sourced by the Australian SAB member Sir Jeans, who gave this clone to a handful of people. By sharing this clone over the course of various years, it was distributed into the collections of many people.

This picture was posted by Sir Jeans in 2012. It shows his original mother plant, which looks like a very spiny plant that almost looks like a Tr. cuzcoensis. Copyright: Sir Jeans

Jeans Trichocereus bridgesii clone motherplant sir jeans

Definitely an interesting plant with long spines and a very glaucous Epidermis.  It´s not really completely untypical for a Tr. bridgesii, but it´s definitely one of the most impressive ones out there!

Pictures provided by ZED240!