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NL52509a Trichocereus, Potosi, Bolivia

NL52509a Trichocereus, NL52509a Trichocereus, Potosi, Bolivia, - Cactus Seeds & Books!

NL52509a Trichocereus, Potosi, Bolivia

NL52509a Trichocereus is a cool and rare Trichocereus species from Potosi in Bolivia. Sacred Succulents Field Trip 2009! Copyright Neil Logan &!
As far as i know, this one was suspected to be Trichocereus validus. Personally, i think it is Trichocereus tacaquirensis but it´s hard to say just judging by those two pictures. Both plants are definitely similar and if you are interested in seeds of Trichocereus tacaquirensis, check out the new seeds I have in stock!

The plants we grew from those seeds looked 100% like a plant from the Tr. taquimbalensis group and it´s a common thing that plants related to Trichocereus taquimbalensis are labeled as Trichocereus validus. That is because Trichocereus validus probably came from Bolivia and both are probably very similar at an older age. At a younger age, that is definitely not the case.

NL52509a Trichocereus

NL52509a Trichocereus validus