2023 Full Season Pack (125 different cactus crosses)


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 2023 Full Season Pack (125 different cactus crosses)

For the first time I decided to put together an almost complete MASTER SEASON PACK seed pack to fund the new greenhouse! Contains various crosses of the genera Echinopsis, Lobivia, Soehrensia, Pseudolobivia etc.
There are four packs that each contain 125 different crosses of Cactus flower hybrids involving Echinopsis/Lobivia/Trichocereus with 20-30 seeds each! Just amazing stuff, no fillers! Some of the crosses are not available outside these packs because the fruits were so small! Especially the Lobivia crosses have tiny fruits that only hold one or two portions total. These big packs have some of the best crosses I ever made. Nothing dodgy or botanical seeds, just amazing flower hybrid stuff. Enough to grow a whole collection of awesomeness from them.
Price per pack is 500 Euro+ shipping. Needless to say that this pack is limited to one pack per customer. 
International shipping, but customers from Australia need to contact me in advance due to the strict import laws.
I am happy to split an order up to minimize risk of loss during shipping. Shipping is insured, with tracking and comes in a little box to keep seeds from being crushed.
There are FOUR packs available. If you want one send me a message here or to Eg@trichocereus.net! All packs come loaded with additional extras too! Packing per pack takes a good week! Bye Patrick
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