Trichocereus tulhuayacensis seeds


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Trichocereus tulhuayacensis seeds

Trichocereus tulhuayacensis seeds are the holy grail of Trichocereus seeds. At least they always were for me. Now I have this type as KK337 in my stock and I am happy to have it!

30 seeds – 3,50 Euro

 Trichocereus tulhuayacensis a relative of Trichocereus peruvianus and Trichocereus cuzcoensis and is one of the newest species from this group. It was described by Ochoa and originally comes from Huachac. This is KK337 which originally comes from just there.

Those seeds are from nursery produced plants and NOT stolen from nature. It is high quality, ultra-viable seeds that produces 80-95% germinate rate.
Have a look at my germination test that I made to test the quality. It speaks for itself! No mold, no sickly looking seedlings that would scream “KILL ME PLEASE!!!” if they could. This is some great quality and I am glad I finally have them in stock.


Is this the white flower or the red flower?

Well, I don´t know. This is KK337 and Karel Knize usually called the red type Trichocereus tulhuayacensis var. rubiflora and the white one Trichocereus tulhuayacensis var. albiflora.
At the original site of Tr. tulhuayacensis in Huachac, there are a bunch of white flowering plants and very few red ones and right now I do not know which one it is. To be on the safe side, I only offer those as “white flowering” variety and I guess we´ll just have to grow them to find out more about them. We are currently making seedling grafts to verify the ID. As soon as I know anything about them, I will let you guys know!

I also have this type in quantities of 100s and 1000s. All super high quality. No bad seeds in the mix!